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Basic starter plans:
Domain Park with 1 email account
$9.99Our Domain Park with 1 email option allows you to host your new domain starting with email only while working on putting together a more comprehensive web strategy. Only $9.99 per year.

Url Forward with 1 email account
$24.99 Url Forward with 1 email allows you to point several Domain Names to one primary website. For example, often both .com and .net domain names point to the same website. Only $24.99 per year.

Personal - Plan 1-50mb with 1 email account
$79.00Our Personal Plan allows you to host your own non-commercial website. Great for setting up an online diary, newsletter or photo album. Includes email and 50 mb disc space. Only $79.00 per year.

Commerce - Plan 2-100mb with 3 email account
$99.00Our basic Commerce Plan allows you to host your own commercial website. Great for an online store. Includes shopping cart, 3 email accounts, 100 mb disc space and more. Only $99.00 per year.

Additional custom hosting options available for *free installation

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